Tweeters back executions, condemn Tehran

JEDDAH: Social networking sites are witnessing popular solidarity of all Saudi citizens across the social spectrum, in addition to Arab solidarity in denouncing Iranian intervention in Saudi domestic affairs, and the blatant attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran.
Many tweets come from well-known personalities expressing their solidarity with the Kingdom and denouncing Iranian intervention in Saudi domestic affairs.
“Saudi Arabia can burn the Iranian Embassy … but respectable countries don’t do that … this kind of behavior is the doing of unethical thieves and highwaymen,” said media personality and writer Talal Hamza.
“A message to all: the security of the nation doesn’t know who you are nor your religion but the security of the Gulf has to be protected from conspirators and distorters,” said media personality Fahd bin Kardous.
“Its too late for recommendations and big hearts, of being asked to repent and admonitions; what is needed now is firmness, swords and chopping off heads,” said Prince Abdulrahman bin Musaed.
Journalist Abdullah Al-Shabiji said in light of the implementation of the execution sentence against the 47 terrorists who carried out attacks, the Kingdom might be exposed to attacks from Iran and its allies.
Prince Nawaf bin Faisal wrote: “The Kingdom’s leaders abide by God’s legislation, serve God’s houses and announce war on Allah’s enemies,” while Prince Faisal bin Turki wrote: “The execution is the implementation of God’s orders, and executing terrorists brings life to the nation and its loyal children.”
Ayman Abduljabbar wrote: “Western coolness toward the burning of the Saudi Embassy points to secret articles in the nuclear agreement with Iran.”
Journalist Jasim Al-Moawda wrote: “Qatar denounced the attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran,” while writer Abdo Khal said, “Statistics reveal that those who were killed among security forces are much more than those executed and arithmetic never lies.”
Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid bin Hamad said: “Sectarian differences with Iran will not benefit anyone; the differences are between countries that support fascism and terrorism with money and manpower.”
He said the Kingdom is the safety valve for the region’s security against terrorism, and he prayed for the safety of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman.
Journalist Freeh Al-Inizi said: “Its important for the Gulf Cooperation Council to take a clear stand toward Iranian incitement against the Kingdom. Its messages aims to incite rebellious responses.”
Khalid Al-Alkami said: ”Half war is a war of words spoken by Arabs and applied by Iran. Our external media should either rise to a decisive phase or needs a Decisive Storm to restructure it.”
Fahad Al-Shalimi said the Saudi nation stands up against terrorism; it led the fight to free Yemen; it secures borders; serves pilgrims of the Grand Mosque; supports Palestine and Syria; and contributes to global development.

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