Thank you, Arab News and Hope

I really enjoyed the trip to the planetarium. For me as an adult, it was both fun and educational trip. I personally will be back for another visit; excited to show friends and relatives this new form of entertainment offered here in Jeddah.
I think it addressed the many different levels of the mental and intellectual capacities of our children. It amused, excited, educated and simulated each and everyone one of them. From the movement of the lift and stepping out into a calming blue-lit tunnel, to the exciting on screen 360 degree action...feeling like you are whizzing through space with a bunch of aliens. It cannot fail to entertain.

Nicky Ewing

• It was a very enjoyable event. In fact it is an unforgettable event of my life. The management and the organizers were remarkable in the arranging transport. The staff was very coordinating and helpful, and a very big thank to Arab News which organized the event. Such events should happen often because they give families a chance to meet and form a community. I am very happy that I was a part of this event. At the end, I’d like to thank Arab News and Hope Center. Jazak Allah khair.

Asima Munir, Fahad Munir’s mother

• Thank you for this beautiful trip along with kids. We enjoyed the beautiful plant information area. Then we went to the aquarium and saw beautiful fish and amazing sea world. It was a quite secure and different sea world. We also enjoyed the dolphin show. It was great. In the end, we enjoyed a great meal. The trip was fantastic and unforgettable.


• Mornings could not be better than today’s. Alhamdulillah, enjoyed so much today from beginning till the end.Thanks a lot to Arab News and Hope Center for arranging such a wonderful trip. The smiles on the faces of children and mothers were really amazing and the kids’ excitement after seeing different wonderful kind of fish was great. Thanks again.

Shanzey’s mom

• Thnx for giving such a wonderful daughter mother dayout. It was like a dream come true for me. I was so happy to see my daughter happy!
When heading to Fakeih, my husband said Haya was the one you can’t go to see aquarium and today she is the reason u r visiting. It all happened just bcoz of Hope! You guyz r all amazing!
We really appritiate ur effort. Thanks and jazak Allah khair.

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