Why You Should Attend Clergywomen Spiritual Retreats Midwest

By Daniel Hall

A spiritual retreat is a time set apart to be alone with God. It usually requires a person leaving the comfort of his home to be in a lonely place. Retreats can be done individually or as a group, as is the case with clergywomen spiritual retreats Midwest, which is organized from time to time to give clergy women the chance to be refilled.

Retreats help people to meet God. Being ordained as a minister does not make one immune to temptations and lusts. Some ministers are even at more risks to miss the mark because they are placed at a position where they can easily compare themselves with others who may have made more impact than themselves. With an encounter with God, it is expected that a backsliding minister will get back on the track.

Some pastors are at a risk of giving out only what they have without learning from others. Sometimes, this happens because such pastors have no members with spiritual gifts to bless the church. However, in meetings involving other clergies, such a pastor has several opportunities to learn something new. It could be more insight on the word of God or how to manage the church more effectively.

Even though retreats like this are made compulsory for clergies, you are also encouraged to attend if you hope to be ordained soon. Moreover, anyone with God's interest at heart should not miss such an opportunity. Anyone who attends clergywomen retreats could gain some knowledge and experience to follow up new believers and to remain steadfast in the faith.

In addition, attending retreats will make your priorities to be straightened out. Clergies could miss their main duties to pursue worldly desires such as grades, work and political appointments instead of focusing on God's call for their lives. For this reason, they need to set apart some time to be alone and be free from these distractions.

Moreover, it is a time to go and learn some new ways of doing things. If you have been hearing news about a church in another city, for instance, the retreat could bring you closer to the pastor in charge of the church. At the gathering, you could ask her how she has been coping with some of the things you find challenging. This will help both your spiritual growth and the numerical growth of your own church.

If you have never had the time to play games as a pastor, a retreat with other clergy women could bring you the opportunity. It could be a ground to learn new games, exercise yourself, talk about politics and disconnect yourself from your usual environment. Such a gathering can give more strength to get back to work.

If you have got a revelation or an insight to a matter that concerns the church at large, the retreat ground is a place to make it known. Although you may be paid a token for teaching others, the joy you will get from impacting the lives of other ministers is more overwhelming. This is because you know that by reaching out to the pastors, you are indirectly meeting the needs of thousands of congregation who attend their churches.

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