Why Organic Tooth Powder Is Better Than Tooth Paste

By Anthony Schmidt

There are different ways to which people think they can keep their teeth healthy. While some prefer organic tooth powder, others say that using pastes is better. In any case, what really matters the most is what works better for the user. However, there are many reports suggesting that tooth powders may have gained more acceptance than the pastes.

One of the reasons why tooth powders work more effectively is that they have abrasives. The abrasives are responsible for the quick cleaning power of the powders. It is for this reason that people with plaques are often advised to go for powder instead of tooth pastes. Even when a tooth brush is absent, one can use any dental powder with satisfaction. This is not the case with tooth pastes as they always require a tooth brush because of their slippery nature.

If you need something affordable and economical, you are encouraged to go for the powders. Powders are cheap to buy because they are packaged in small cups and they are made of only essential ingredients. An example of something you can find in them is mint. Mint is taken to be an antibacterial agent.

Most people who love convenience would prefer tooth powder to tooth pastes. Since they are more abrasive in nature, you don't need to scrub hard to get the work done. You don't need to apply all your effort when cleaning with the powders. This rule does not apply to the use of the paste as it is slippery.

Baking powders are not sweet so children will not be tempted to lick it the way the do with toothpaste. The problem with licking toothpaste is that the fluoride content in it makes it poisonous. If fluoride is swallowed in large quantities, death may result, and this is certainly not what anyone wants. To avoid this, especially in homes with lots of kids, use organic tooth mouth wash.

Fluoride is not the only dangerous element in toothpaste. There is something else known as triclosan which calls for serious concern among the paste users. The reason is that triclosan is known to be a skin irritant. Moreover, it is bad for the endocrine system and harmful to water life.

Another problem with pastes is the content called glycerin. Glycerin is a problem because it prevents remineralization, meaning the teeth are deprived of certain minerals which it needs to be healthy. The problem is noticed when the teeth fail to undergo natural healing processes such as wound clotting. The minerals that help this to happen are masked by the effect of glycerin. Powders on the other hand help to nourish the teeth by supplying essential minerals to it. They contain bentonite clay which makes this possible.

Do not let the sweet flavor of toothpaste lure you to preferring it to the powders. Many toothpaste flavors are actually MSG which is bad for the health especially when used much. Some of the problems associated with flavors containing MSG include headache, flushing, sweating, facial pressure or tightness, numbness, chest pain, weakness, nausea and heart palpitations. Unfortunately, not many people agree that MSG could be responsible for all these and that is because the reaction occurs slowly and may take a while before they can be noticed.

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