The Stages Of Developing Insider Threat Programs

By Jerry West

Currently, many companies depend on mergers and acquisitions as a method that will make them grow and prosper. However, these are prone to many external and internal threats. With cyber crimes being more common among companies, it is good to come up with an alternative method of ensuring that all the systems are safe and secure. One can use insider threat programs that are developed in the following stages so as to provide maximum security to your database.

The first key to developing the program is to ensure that you gain support from the executive team. The team should contain people who have a better understanding of the types of threats that the organization faces and what the organization will suffer as a victim of malicious insiders. It is important if you demonstrate to individuals that the program is suitable for the set objectives.

The executive will then allocate you with all the possible requirements that are necessary for the development of this program and that it can complete the task and ensure that it attains set goals. They are supposed to outline other technologies that can go in hand with the program as long as it achieves its function and that they are compatible. You can also request any additional personnel that you may need.

For the plan to be successful you will require additional technology that will help speed the outcome of this project. This will assist in ensuring that the whole project is successful and that it works accordingly. There is additional software that is compatible with the system. This software will ensure that it accomplishes the task quickly without adding other additional resources that may be expensive to implement and to develop.

Also, the tool should provide multiple graphical views of results. This tool will enable analysts to evaluate the relationships between any sets of data and provide them with a more accurate data and leads. It should also be flexible so that the experts can analyze it in any angle. The tool should also be able to encrypt any data that comes along with the system and protect it from external threats.

After developing the program, you should draw up a plan that will help in communicating and launching before implementing the same. This should be worked on in a way that it is close to the department that is responsible for dealing with the legal sector. They will ensure that the mode of communication is relevant and obeys all the core values of the company. In this case, transparency to all members is necessary.

All these should be followed by creating an awareness program where you will have to take all the staff through an education on how the system works and how to use it. It will be more advantageous if the program will be well organized in a manner that all the people can get what you are teaching well. You should also educate the staff on how to identify suspicious acts by their fellow colleagues.

A stable governance structure will ensure that your system is legal and compliant with state rules and regulations and also follows the approved concept that allows it to operate.

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