Signs Of A Damaged Sewer Pipe From A Plumber In Las Vegas

By Elinor Romig

Sewer systems are one of those things that most homeowners don't think about. After all, you are just happy that everything goes down the drain and you never have to see it again. Unfortunately, things can go wrong with your sewer system, and damaged pipes are a common repair. Since repairing the sewage line is critical for preventing the spread of illness, you should always be alert for these signs that your pipe has sustained damage that can only be fixed by your plumber.

Age is the first thing to consider. A lot of cast iron pipes won't last beyond 30 years, which is something to think about if you have an older home.

With minor damage, you might have a slow draining sink or toilet. Clogs could be an evermore persistent problem, or you might have drains with fall odors.

If your shower or sink drain stills seems to move slowly after you have cleared out obvious debris, then you should have the sewage lines checked to make sure that there is not a problem deeper in the system.

It isn't always possible to see the point of a sewer pipe break. These can happen behind walls. When these events occurs, moisture will begin to leak from the pipe into the room and mold formation could become a problem as well, particularly in unused spaces like basements and guest rooms. Foul odors are usually present with these leaks.

People may find multiple plumbing problems at one time. They could be referred to pest control services or plumbers given that cockroaches and rodents often hitch rides in these lines. They can fit in through very small cracks, which will cause them to enter the property through the drains. Finding a cockroach in the shower should cause you to schedule an inspection of your sewage line right away.

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