The Things To Know About Dart Solo Containers

By Betty Adams

Los Angeles in California has an amazing company called Dart. This company is one of the leading food container companies out there. They produce cups, plates, and bowls made out of plastic or Styrofoam. Dart has also bought another food storage company called Solo back in 2012.

If you are interested in looking up for recyclable plastic or Styrofoam bows, cups, plates, and containers then you could definitely benefit from reading this short article. This article points out to Dart Solo Containers and their products. It also shows how efficient the production practices are of this company.

To start off, Dart has garnered a lot of rewards durings its operation. This company has been awarded the VIP Award for Non-Foods Product Category by Gordon Food Service. In 2016, it has been awarded with the Sustainabilit Award by the American Forest And Paper Association. Those are just some of the many awards that this company has garnered.

With the number of awards that they have, costumers can be assured of quality goods and services. It is also important to note that all of their good are safe for human use and friendly for mother nature. Those are the award winning qualities that their products possess.

This amazing company has a lot of food storage stuffs to offer. Since the branch of Solo is what this article is about, then it would be great to know what items they have in store for the market. Solo mainly produces disposable and recyclable cups and food packaging and its accessories. Some of its accessories include stirrers and domes. They also come in different shapes and sizes which is a very convenient thing to have.

The containers that Solo produces have an exceptional quality. Those goods that they make also have high quality standards. The materials that are used in order to produce these goods and not toxic for humans and they are also recyclable. That is a definitely a good thing for the environment.

The goods that Solo has been making has passed the compostability standard. They have attained the ASTM standard D6868. And the Biodegradable Products Institute has awarded this feat to Solo. You can definitely say that this company is very tight and responsible when it comes to the preservation of the environment.

Dart has been really great in upholding environmental ethics. They have stuffs out there that are worth mentioning when it comes to recycling. The Recycla Pak is a way for costumers to mail back their used cups and containers in order to reduce garbage pollution in the environment.

Indeed, this company is great at making excellent goods while protecting the environment. All the products that they have are safe for human beings and are also recyclable. If you would like to get to know further details about the products that this amazing company in LA has to offer, you can just check their website online.

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