Female Spanish Voice Over And What To Know About It

By Lisa Phillips

Many television programs are serialized and even syndicated in other countries, but these have to be remade before broadcast in different nations, though. It is a good exchange between cultures, and it happens all the time, increasing the reach of broadcast companies and television production outfits to worldwide systems. It is one healthy way for people to learn about other cultures.

US TV shows, for instance, are imported by other TV outfits that work abroad. They will probably need items that include female Spanish voice over, when the shows are being remade for countries like Spain, or those in South America. A lot of people in these countries may not be able to follow English, so the consideration is always to translate the script for them.

The overdub part is not too hard to do, if a company has a basic sound booth working for it. However, finding the talent may be a bit more difficult, because the voice over requires the talent to act with the voice alone. It requires the work of professionals to achieve a level of good, quality entertainment demanded for such jobs.

Many people are employed in this sector, however the issue often goes towards shortages of good personnel in this field. Not many can become the talents for voicing, not even those with good language skills, because the requirement is to act with the voice. Some may start out in radio dramas, and there learn to emote, modulate and make clear deliveries.

In radio is where people can learn to project their voice, whether for comedies or dramas, good grounding for work in overdubbing foreign TV shows. There are certain things needed to make the overdub or voice over work. A translated script will be available of course, and considerations for delivery, accents and emotions must pass through a director to translate for locals.

In the destination countries themselves, a lot of experts may be found, and this is where the work becomes easier. For every imported TV show, the company that has imported it must work with its own department of translators, talents and other experts needed to do the job well. And they know their language so much more and therefore can do it quickly, efficiently and with creativity.

More things are needed for the work here. For example, there might be sample readings, perhaps a run through or two, and then maybe a scene recording where actors go all together, or perhaps record in a sound booth, which can also be done. Readings though are better done with all people needed present, to help actors get the feel of the drama.

Whatever considerations there are, production companies here need to be flexible and versatile. There are lots of Spanish speakers in Spain of course, and perhaps the basic item for translation needs to be done by experts. However, some knowledge of English might be required because this means much better deliveries and emotive power.

These people are paid by the hour or per project, depending on the company. This is a good paying job, because talent is not that easy to come by with regards to this concern. Great shows are well appreciated everywhere, and translators and voice over specialists are highly respected members or media, too.

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