The Important Benefits Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

By Charles Bennett

This type of paddle boarding or surfing is an offshoot of the common surfing and this has originated from Hawaii. Not like the traditional surfing in which the rider will be sitting down, the rider will be standing up on the board and with the use of a paddle, the rider will propel himself or herself into the water. Some other variations of this would include lake, river, and canal racing, ocean waves surfing, yoga, fishing, and flat water paddling.

In Western New York, specific types of wet suits are often being worn since these will be based on the air and water temperatures. Just like the other sports, there are also many health benefits provided by this. This can help in burning calories and improving the fitness condition. It also helps in improving the reflexes, movement coordination, and agility while the body is being toned. Paddle Western New York is being considered to be one essential aerobic sport that can be very beneficial for the improvement of cardiovascular system and prevention of possible heart diseases.

Improves balance. The sport requires the rider to stand upright, and thus, the rider must have an increased core stability and also leg strength to maintain balance. And aside from achieving good balance, focus and the balanced acquired will also be increased and these 2 are essential for the daily activities. The whole body is worked out. Doing the paddle boarding uses all the muscle groups including the back, core, and abdominal muscles.

Low impact. Because it is a type of very low exercise, there will be much lesser risks of possible damages in joint ligaments and tendons. Runners can surely benefit from this whenever they are currently experiencing hip pains, shin splints, or knee pains. Reduces stress. The waters are believed to naturally soothe the body and are considered as good means of exercise for reducing stress.

Overall increase of strength. Once you have done performing this activity, your body may be feeling some soreness, especially if you are a beginner. Experiencing soreness could be beneficial since it means that you are building up body strength. To workout the cardio. Spending too much time doing it can help in acquiring good cardio workout. If possible, ask your friends to race with you for increasing heart rate.

Useful for rehabilitation injuries. Since it has a lesser impact towards nature, it can be a very useful tool for those people who are in rehab for increasing their strength gently. The advantage is this can be achieved without doing something harm. This is very gentle for both joints and muscles.

Improves endurance. If you learn the sport already, you will surely think of mastering it. And through it, there will be an increase of endurance due to constantly paddling. A continuous practice can improve balance and muscle strength.

Better cardiovascular health. It provides much lesser risk of experiencing strokes, heart attacks, and some other related diseases. It is because this is more like similar to other sports which involve cardio exercises. Examples of these aerobics, cross training, and running.

Allows connection between you and nature. Water involves calmness. And thus, when people engage themselves into nature, specifically water, it could bring positive effects to their attitudes and their mental health. In addition, extra vitamin D can also be acquired from sunlight.

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