Christmas Tree Box Storage Tips

By Peter Nelson

Christmas trees are everywhere during the holiday season and comes in different sizes and designs. Some may uses real trees but it is more common now to use artificial ones. They provide the ease of use and can be disassembled and stored to be used again next year if kept properly and can be a great way to save money.

When you purchase a new one, it comes with a carton which can be used again for storing after the season ends. There are also Christmas tree box New York that you can buy and use instead. There are times that it would not fit in the original box anymore after you disassembled it or the container may have already deteriorated after a long time of using it so buying a new one is necessary.

You can not just disassemble and store an artificial tree carelessly inside the container after using it. If you like to use it again and keeping its look like brand new then you need to know a few things. Read the following for tips to a better way of storing it and keeping its condition for use next year.

Folding its branches properly and carefully. This will prevent it from being damaged compared to just bunching them together while on storage for almost a year. The built in lights of some artificial trees will be prevented from being damaged and short circuited as well.

These process will let you check if there are remaining ornaments and decorations that you have failed to remove. Do not forget to properly store them as well as they still can be reused as well. Store them in different containers or in one with divisions to prevent them from bumping into each other and damaging themselves while in storage. Wrapping them in bubble wrap will help protect them from weathering and dust.

Wrap your tree after folding it up. This will help protect it from being damaged while being stored from fluctuating temperatures, moisture and other things like the box itself. You can buy a cover specifically for it or get a white cloth and wrap it around tightly.

When putting it inside the container, do not just shove it in but carefully do so. Be gentle and use a larger one if the original or the current container you have does not fit anymore. Make sure to use a durable one to prevent it being squashed if a heavy object falls on it or someone trips on it.

The location of where you will keep the container is important too. Make sure that it will not easily fall over and be knocked over. Putting it horizontally along a wall will prevent it from being easily tipped over. Areas where it may be subjected to sunlight and moisture must be avoided as well.

Protect it from birds and rodents and other animals who possibly want to make a home in artificial trees. This advises will hopefully help you save some money and expenses for future Christmas seasons. More money to be used for gifts and celebrations is always a welcome sight.

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