Why Supper Clubs Are Great Places To Go To

By Ruth Walker

One type of restaurant that gained currency in the twentieth century had their start during Prohibition days. Mainly, their beginnings were interesting because they were supported by passing gangsters on the run from the Feds. These restos were located in very small towns nobody have heard of that took in gangsters who were quiet and did not really bother anyone in the town.

Also, they provided these places with enough liquor when times spelt dry counties all over the country. Wisconsin supper clubs started out in this way, but immediately took on the legitimacy of clubs patronized by towsnfolk after liquor prohibition was lifted. They became surefire hits with an edge and a history.

In this day and time, the club of this type is where fine folks can go to and rub elbows with others when dining and drinking. Standards here are for fine dining, and any other kind of new innovation in food preparation, restaurant etiquette and technology. Supper clubs are among the most progressive of dining places.

Wisconsin state did have a lot of backcountry roads back then. Some little towns were found on these roads, where farming families decided to live together and have a main street. Taking a break from fighting the law, gangs took breaks in these places, away from central locations where the FBI had offices, places with many escape routes.

The main street salon and restaurant, such as it was in these places, came to take them in with some caution. However, these boys were out for a break, some good food to eat and a drink without toting their tommy guns. Eventually, the innkeepers started dusting off their family recipes to give them something special to remember, even as they brought in quality food items and bonded liquor.

Supper clubs are progressive, and have a great spirit of warmth and camaraderie and quiet, with good food and drinks. Their keep in character so that they are often found outside city boundaries, where highways are quiet and air more rural. However, the highways themselves are the best access that connects them to cities.

The state therefore has its own excellent version of out of the way clubs with an aura. These are not exclusive, but operate more like starred places on the Michelin book on the suburbs of Paris. They are actually very legit, and have nothing of the spirit left from those times when gangsters where their main source of income.

However, there can be some mementos from that era on the walls. These are nods to an earlier, harder time, but these are nowhere found in actual practice or services. In fact, the atmosphere today is the exact opposite of furtive enjoyment, but is more open but certainly somewhat reserved but not at all unfriendly.

The tastes here are American or Midwestern, classic portions of steak, with excellent sides. But then, the owners are worldly enough and feature many kinds of entrees. These are diners that become instant favorites with first timers, and the tradition of quiet welcome continues, a thing that gangs from yesteryear appreciated in their own way.

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