How A Charlotte Chiropractor Alleviates Upper Cervical Pain

By Kelly Blomquist

The neck has a major hand in determining your level of wellness and as such, is quite complex. It is actually possible for any neck strain or injury to affect communication between the brain and the body. Neck injuries that are quite severe can cause death and they may lead to paralysis, but even the most minor of issues can still have a negative impact on the body. Some of these effects include problems with flexibility, balance and mobility.

With upper cervical chiropractor Charlotte services, patients can experience improvements in their agility, blood vessel and nerve performance. Given the significant amount of industry experience that these professionals posses, physicians throughout the area are committed to helping people improve their overall quality of lives.

Upper Cervical Pain Causes and Solutions - One of the main causes of upper cervical pain and/or spinal discomfort is obesity. In fact, the more weight a person carries - the more he or she is susceptible to swelling, tendonitis, ligament problems, and even anxiety.

Upper spinal issues can be aligned by a Charlotte chiropractor to alleviate subluxations of the cervical spine. This last is the result of irritation of the nerves caused by impacts or injuries of the neck. Lifting too much weight at any time can also result in severe neck strain and other serious issues.

Local chiropractors reduce brain stem irritation via intricate techniques - including adjustments, hot/cold therapies, and especially rehab and therapeutic massages. However, patients may need to wear support braces, which restore proper structural balance to the upper neck and spine. This helps reconnect the brain to the body while eradicating mental clutter and other neurological and physiological problems.

The neck is an essential part of the body that is capable of supporting the head and acting as a portal between the brain and a person's body. Distress in the neck, whether minor or severe, will throw the whole system off and this is especially true in terms of nerve damage. With a single call or email transmission you can secure superior upper cervical care at a trusted and reputable Charlotte chiropractic facility. Call now for the services, help and support you need and deserve.

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