How To Apply For A Georgia Insurance License

By Marie Thompson

Once you join the job market, you might discover that you are a people person, and therefore, suited for a career in sales and marketing. One avenue you can choose to pursue is working as an insurance broker or agent. In case you start selling premiums and getting commissions for them, then you will need to get a Georgia insurance license, to ensure you do not get in trouble with the law.

The process of getting this document is systematic, and you will need to follow all the steps in order. Before you get certified, you should get training. Many renowned institutions offer the classes you need and some even have these lessons online allowing you to study during your free time. You will need at least fifty hours of classes, but this could vary depending on your specialty.

You should keep in mind that to sell insurance in Marietta GA, you will be needed to undergo a background check. This will involve getting fingerprinted. This is vital as it gives the licensing board information about your history. It also helps quickly locate criminals, who might become a liability in the future.

After you finish your classes, you can apply for an examination. Various institutions administer these, and therefore, you need to confirm that the one you are going with is legitimate. There are also some sites, which can help you prepare for this test by giving mock questions and tips on how to answer them. On the day you are sitting for your test, carry with you some form of ID and a credit card.

In most states, the exams will cost less than a hundred dollars. Your overall costs might be higher when your exam prep classes are included. This money will have to be paid at least a week before your exam date, and cannot be paid in cash. The accepted forms of payment by most institutions are credit or debit cards, vouchers, and electronic cheque.

After a few weeks, you should know whether you passed your tests, or whether you need to retake it, to move on to the next stage. If you happen to have passed the test, then you may apply for the license. This application is strictly made online. It is advisable to print a copy of the electronic certificate, which you could frame and hang in your office to assure your customers.

Even after you get the certification, you should renew it every year. If you do not do this, it will expire, and you may have to reapply to continue working legitimately. The process of applying will defer, depending on how long ago the license expired. If this happened over two years ago, you have to renew it in person. If it were less than that, you would be required do it online.

It is advisable to have a mentor in the business, who can give you tips and advice, which will make the whole process easier. You should keep in mind that even after you get the license, there are some other short courses you will be required to take to stay updated.

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