What Services A Bankruptcy Attorney Should Have

By Gregory Collins

In the event that there is more debt than there is money and assets, the best course of action is to file for bankruptcy. At the sound of it the word is already looming with so much impending doom. But filing for this case can save the day.

Filing for this has a lot of case to case factors to consider. The situation a person is surrounded by plays a role in what type he should file for. Some Bankruptcy attorney Monterey services offer free consultation without any proceeding obligations. Getting the right attorney for the case may be the difference from getting out of the problem or not.

While paying someone to get you out of debt may not make sense at first glance, filing for these cases is still a legal burden that needs to be addressed with professional help. For this to be a success, the client getting the most of what little they have left and gave out is of utmost importance. Clients often file for two types of cases, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Basic chapter 7 services should already include a lot of services for the flat fee. This service should already include consultation, analysis of the financial situation, preparation for the petition, reviewing the petition with the client, attendance at the meeting with the creditors and other post filling collection efforts by the creditors.

It is important that the legal counsel one gets is from a real expert. There are many tell tale signs that can show that a certain firm or agency will not put their best foot forward for their clients. Assure that the attorney to handle the situation has a good track record of filing bankruptcy cases. How long they have been in service is a weak gauge in this situation.

A run through the mil agency is something one wants to avoid at all costs. These firms are more on making money that helping clients. When a firm handles too many clients all at once, means that they probably do not take a look at the details of the cases which making the whole process in a way, automated. Check with the local bar association for recommendations of good firms that do not rip off their clients.

A bad sign to look out for is when a lawyer is not present during the first meeting. Paralegals just hand out papers and documents that need to be filled out. It especially bad when the event that the creditor and the debtor meet is the only time the lawyer appears. That is a tell tale sign of a run through the mill system.

Set up meetings with prospect attorneys that may be able to help with the problem at hand. Do this in person or via phone call. There is importance in having comfortability factor in which the client and their attorney have with each other. Being bankrupt is not a pleasant place to be in, and having both legal and moral security at this point is a perspective often overlooked.

There is a lot of research involved in hiring the right people to help with cases like these. The right legal help can be the thin line between getting deeper in debt or starting fresh and recovering from the fall. The goal for filing these cases after all is to be free of debt.

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