To Find Surgeons In Lap Band Surgery Houston Should Be Prioritized

By Peter Wright

As obesity continues to threaten lives worldwide, researchers are doing everything they can to devise better ways of weight management. The field of surgery has for instance made several inventions that help to manage weight problems in a better way. Lap band surgery is surgery that makes use of laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, also called lap-band, LAGB, or A band. Another name for this surgical procedure is gastric banding. When in need of a professional in lap band surgery Houston is a good place to visit.

LAGB refers to a silicone device that can be inflated with saline. The device reduces stomach capacity by being inserted on the upper section. The amount of food the stomach can accommodate is reduced when the device is inserted on it. As a result, one eats less, which helps to reduce obesity. One feels much full after eating less when the undergo this surgery.

During the surgical operation, several small incisions are made into the stomach for inserting surgical tools and camera. The LAGB ring is then inserted on the upper section of the stomach. There is a thin tube connecting to the LAGB ring. The tube runs from the ring to an access port placed under the skin. Saline is added to or drawn from the ring through the access port.

The capacity of the stomach is reduced by adding saline into the ring so that it becomes tight. When saline is reduced from the LAGB, it loosens up, expanding the size of the stomach. During surgery, the LAGB cannot be inflated. Inflation is done after full recovery has been achieved. After healing, which takes four to six weeks, the ring is inflated with saline.

A local anesthesia may be administered to avoid pain during surgery. Soreness and discomfort in the belly after operation can be prevented by taking pain medicine. The healing process occurs faster if one remains active after operation. To ensure that everything was done right, x-ray may be done one day afterward.

The doctor provides instructions to the patient about what to eat and what to avoid. One is encouraged to take liquids only for the first two weeks of the operation. One should drink a lot of water frequently to avoid dehydration. Solid food should be added into the diet bit by bit. Food should be chewed well before swallowing. Also, one should stop eating the minute they feel full.

Eating too much may cause one to feel nausea or discomfort. Some even vomit. Weight loss occurs gradually but steadily. It is important to go back to the doctor regularly for checkups. If weight loss is not happening as expected, the LAGB may be adjusted accordingly. Weight loss has been known to continue occurring up to three years after operation.

There are several emotions people experience after undergoing the operation. Happiness and excitement are some of the most common emotions. However, the changes in lifestyle and diet may also cause frustration in some people. If one has any concerns, it is best to discuss them with the doctor.

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