Hotels to highlight local food, culture


This would be done after the establishment of the Investment and Development Tourist Company, which is owned by the state, he said during a recent press conference at the SCTNH’s headquarters in Riyadh, a local publication reported.
In related news, Prince Sultan said the traditional arts and crafts program, Bare, would now also focus on getting craftspeople to design the decor for hotels, to encourage visitors to buy their products.
Jajer Al-Harish, general supervisor of the national program for traditional arts and crafts, recently signed a cooperation agreement with several hotels and spas, which includes the Turquoise Mountain Foundation established in 2006 to promote crafts in Afghanistan.
Traditional products are used in interior designs such as receptions, rooms, restaurants and corridors, in a manner that suits the décor of these areas. The agreement includes hotels encouraging artisans to hold live shows demonstrating how they create their products, including food, and selling these in the hotels.
Prince Sultan said that SCTNH was on the verge of developing a new product focused on Saudi food. “When we go into hotels we see European and Asian restaurants, but we hardly see a Saudi restaurant, so we aim to set up professional restaurants with professional Saudi chefs who offer an experience that reflects the Kingdom’s heritage and identity,” he said.

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