Brush with talent: Blind female artist in limelight

RIYADH: A female Saudi artist with a visual disability has stunned people attending an exhibition here with the display of several paintings, including one which sold for SR8,000.
Noorah Al-Majrashi has been showing her artwork at the “Muntijoon 3” exhibition at the Riyadh convention center.
She has now produced 300 paintings during her short career.
Al-Majrashi, who has entitled her exhibition “White Glass,” said that she began painting at the age of just nine, encouraged by her mother and family.
She loves painting scenes from nature, and uses special tools for her work.
She recently produced a special painting to honor one of her close friends who died of cancer, according to the report.
Al-Majrashi said that she was taking part in the exhibition because she found it a suitable place to showcase her talent.
There have also been requests from some members of the public for her to produce special paintings.
Muntijoon 3 is an annual exhibition organized by the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, known for showcasing the talents of Saudi women and assisting them to sell their products.

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