Several Tips For Guided Trophy Deer Hunts

By Larry Hall

Deer are mammals that have antlers which they grow and shed each year unlike antelopes which have permanent horns. They appear in artworks starting from cave paintings to modern ones and are given important roles in literature, religion and mythology. Economic wise, their importance is with their antlers used for knife handles, buckskin and meat called venison.

Hunting them was popular during at least the Middle Ages and their popularity still remains today and their importance for business. Going into guided trophy deer hunts Texas is possible with an experienced hunter guiding you in your first hunt. The following are a few tips that might help you have a successful hunting trip.

Deer could smell well and they get spooked by human odor so use a soap that has no scent when you shower before going hunting and do not contaminate your clothes. Have them sealed in plastic containers or in bags that have ground debris such as leaves and dirt inside until the location is reached. If this is done, your clothing would take on natural occurring scents from that place.

Most hunters think that doe estrous is the best way in attracting bucks but not all situations are suited for it. Bucks have territorial instincts and deerstalkers should take advantage of this specially during the early part of a season. The smell of estrous does not make sense during this time for them but the essence of others makes them curious.

Most hunters will spray an odor eliminator down when they have finished suiting up and before making the way into their stand. Though experienced deerstalkers will bring to their tree stand the odor eliminator and spray themselves there with it. While you apply yourself with it, have your attention specially on your hat and hair.

Setting up scents have usually used and accepted the rules of playing the wind but the deadliest one defies this. Find a timber or cover with its length having the wind blowing along it and pour some deer odor at windy end in several areas. Set your tree stand just on the timber edge and your human smell will flow above the deer when properly done.

Practice taking down and setting up tree stand before the season has started and attach them to parts of trees that are lower. They key for getting good looks on great bucks is to quietly get in or out of your place as much as possible. When you stay up there, accidents might happen such as falling down so wear safety harness at all times.

If you want to scout your hunting area, aerial photos are your best aids which does not require flying over it but just going into Google maps. Do not trim shooting lanes or disturb your hunting area during the season. This should be done during summer because old deer can associate the smell of fresh cuts with human predation.

These several tips could help you well on your first hunting experience. Follow instructions that the guide will give you. And be patient when waiting to get your kill.

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