Getting The Best Home Inspectors Marietta Ga Professionals Recommend Is The Way To Go

By Mary Martin

When you are either selling or buying a house, you need to do a lot of things that only you can do. You can not do one of the most important things to ensure you are following the law and also making sure you are getting the best deal. That is why you would contact one of the home inspectors Marietta GA real estate agents suggest.

If you are the seller, you will need to know some things that must be reported to the buyer. If your house has termites or a large amount of molds, there is definitely a problem and the law requires you to report this to them. You also need to know if there are conditions that can assist you to raise the price our asking. It might also go the other way if there are a lot of things that are not beneficial to the new owner.

If you are the buyer in this transaction, you want to know some of the same things. You would like proof of the termites and molds. You would also want to find out about any appliances not working, such as the water heater or central air conditioning. You may want to adjust your bid price if this inspection does not match what the buyer is telling you.

The inspectors that are certified and licensed in The Peach State have the right knowledge of specific building and safety codes. They are all from the building trades, so they know the proper way for things to be constructed. They know about appliances and even the water heater.

When they arrive at the house in question, they will have a complete checklist of things local regulations require them to look at. Many of them will have their own process or procedure. Some start on the roof, depending on the weather. Others may start in the basement or crawl space. All of them will take pictures that will become part of their official report.

They are looking for all elements to the structure to be built and operating properly. This means piping, water heaters, no loose shingles on the roof and a properly operating heater, flumes and chimney. Any of these things that are inconsistent with the local or State codes will be noted and need to be remedied before the sale can proceed.

The electric system must be up to code, so this system will need some attention. The local and State codes about this are very specific. The main panel will need to be examined as well as a few of the electrical outlets. The buyer especially would like to know that this house is safe for their family to move into.

The reason you need one of these professionals is that you do. You are not aware of the legalities involved. You can perform some of the many inspections, yourself, but you will not know which inspections to conduct after finding something else that may not seem to be connected.

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