The Attributes Of Sheryl Sandberg

By Jennifer King

There are few celebrated women in the leadership positions than men. Those who manage to make it to these posts pass through various struggles especially due to their gender. However, sheryl sandberg gives advice to young ladies to work hard in their daily undertakings to realize their dreams. She has been ranked at the highest positions as one of the most successful women in the world. Her advice to women has been outlined below.

Sheryl is a great fan of team work. She encourages women to work together with other people so that they can achieve their goals together. The joint effort is useful in growing people in various walks of life. Each contributes differently to the course designed by the group thus enabling the realization of objectives simple.

Be ready for criticism and stand firm on your goal. Sandberg advises women to develop a thick skin and never to give up due to critics. The most successful leaders have overcome these in the past as they take their path towards success. To become what you anticipate to be, you must be firm and honest on what you are advocating. The truth you speak will set you free despite the harshness in it.

The road to success is not straight, especially in this era. The structures have been installed in such a way that one has to go through challenges and overcome them to reach the top positions. Sheryl informs women not to let their fear overwhelm their dreams. One should face these fears and external challenges to accomplish their desires. Quitting along the way should not be an option for someone hoping to become victorious.

Find a group of common thinkers and associate with them. Joining people who have a common agenda with your vision will enable you to run your life easier. These people will use their influence to your advantage when you are in need. Thus keeping good relations with them is a clever way that will aid in airing your voice. Sandburg has joined various groups where she can source people to give speeches in her seminars.

To get an audience, you should speak up with courage about things which matter to you. On a personal basis, she has a strong feeling about gender biases and wants to see more women get into power. As such, she has been involved in various conferences where she gives speeches on things ladies ought to do so they can achieve their goals.

Find a dream and propagate it. If you have a powerful and influential dream, work hard towards realizing it, and you will get followers depending on your perspective. To get her dream and voice heard, she articulates it using her position and the influence she has managed to achieve. This has enabled her to reach out to many women worldwide, and her advice has born fruits.

Finally, Sandberg advocates for an open minded state. Limiting your options towards the education qualification or family business can close doors for other opportunities. Sheryl learned during an era that did not have the internet. However, she ended up working within the most powerful corporations in the world such as Google and Facebook where she is a chief operating officer.

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