Steps For Performing Water Heater Maintenance Check

By Alxa Roffel

Similar to an old furnace that needs a lot of repair services when it is not functioning well. You have to look for maintenance services for a boiler that is not working well. When you pay proper attention to you boiler, it will ensure that the boiler stays as efficient as ever and will not need regular repairs.

You can find he valve at the top of the heater. Then turn of the water tabs of your house, allowing the pressure to be released from the tank. Then open the drain valve of the tank allow the remaining water to get out of the heater, you can use a hose or bucket to do it. While you are working, avoid using hot water from the water heater.

It is important to check the temperature and pressure valve at least twice to ensure that it is working perfectly. You can find the temp & press valve on the front of the water heater (it varies according to the manufacturer). It can be checked by lifting the lever to find out if the water is coming out of it.

If there is no water coming out of it, it has to be replaced. However, if you are able to find some water through, it but also find leakages then it does need replacement. It often has a pipe that shall run to the sink and or outside the house. This pipe has a threaded union, which can easily be used to disassemble it.

In case of gas boiler, the burner has a yellow flame, if you are able to find a blue flame of the boiler this implies that the boiler has got damaged. This definitely calls for a professional gas boiler engineer. The plumber or engineer will help you to repair the boiler to ensure there is a yellow and orange flame from the burner.

Like several other things that are available in the market, even the boiler comes with a manufacturer's warranty. However, there are certain manufacturers that put certain terms and conditions for the product buyers to avail the warranty. It is important for them to ensure that the boiler is annually serviced. Therefore the best way to save you from any kind of costs involved in repairs will be following the manufacturer's agreement. Thus have your boiler serviced annually.

You must also check for the pressure valves and see if there is any water dripping out of the valves. This generally happens when the water is overflowing from the boiler. The pressure releasing valves are known to cause this; you might need the help of a plumber to resolve this issue.

Lastly go through the ventilations of the water heater, they play an important role in the functioning of the heater keeping it efficient. If you find any of the ventilation parts rusted or damaged, you can call for professional help. Also make sure there are no harmful gas released through the vents as the air gets back to your house via windows and fireplace. In case you feel this you must contact to the gas company or a plumber immediately.

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