Qualifications And Requirements To Become A Licensed PI

By Ronald Barnes

Private investigators are persons who does investigatory law works and hired by groups or individuals. Those with specialized academic and practical experience also help lawyers for finding evidences and investigate some things for civil and criminal cases. Investors also asked them to do due diligence before they commit on a risky investment they are considering.

If becoming one is what you want then some things you must do are different depending on which state you are from. The Florida licensed PI includes carrying Class C license for those who wants to become a private investigator fully and managerial position on these agencies need Class MA or M. These are the requirements, qualifications and how to become one.

Meet the basic qualifications which starts with being a citizen or legal resident of US and is eighteen years old at least. You must not have history of any illegal drug use, disqualifying crime done, mental illness and alcoholism. Two years is also required for relevant experience which could be obtained through being an agency intern.

Because of the requirement of having an experience first for two years, applicants usually choose to apply for the internship. This requires them to have a Class CC license though forty hours of professional training should be completed first. Schools give out diploma to those who complete their training programs and some even acquire college degrees to further their career chances.

Halving the two years required experience into one could be done by substituting it with college coursework about law enforcement, criminal justice or criminology. Firearms training lasting 28 hours is required for those that concealed weapons are warranted. After doing all this then start your internship under a license PI from the cities of Florida which could fulfill the requirements.

A state examination must be taken after which would test your knowledge about business practice of a PI and their legal responsibilities. Call the eight licensing offices across the state and have an appointment set up for your examination. The results would then be known after two weeks or four after taking the exam that usually last for two hours.

After you passed the exam then apply for your Class C licensure by completing the application form and attaching a recent photo of yourself. Include documents confirming your completion of every necessary requirements such as your training, internship and exam score. Set of fingerprints must be included as well as your payment for all the fees.

If a concealed weapon is needed in your opinion for properly performing your job then a Class G statewide license should be applied for by you. Include your health certificate, fingerprint information, your photograph and mandatory firearms instruction certificate. But if you submit this along your PI license application then one fingerprint set is only needed.

When you are done with your application and have become a professional licensed PI officially then start working. Renew your license every two years and this can be done and paid for online. Join professional organizations to have more networking opportunities.

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