Mosquito Spraying Long Island & 3 Reasons You Should Grow Basil

By David Kellan

If you're a foodie, chances are that you know what basil is. This pleasant plant can be used to enhance a number of dishes, but many people don't know that it has plenty of other uses as well. For example, did you know that basil can make a positive difference when it comes to organic mosquito control? Here are 3 of the standout reasons to use basil, which should hopefully encourage you to grow it on your property.

Basil matters for a number of reasons, arguably the most common being how it can enhance meals. Everything from simple salads to complex pasta sauces can be made better if this plant is added into the mix. When fresh basil is added, it's like another layer has been added to an already impressive meal. With that said, this is just one of the many areas where basil shines, as you'll soon realize.

According to the likes of Alternative Earthcare, basil is one of the best plants to keep mosquitoes at bay. Given the fact that these insects are quite prevalent during the warmer months of the year, it should come as no surprise that certain Long Island mosquito control services would be used. Fortunately, basil is one of the most natural methods for such a purpose. Keep this in mind if you'd like to keep mosquitoes as far away from your lawn as possible.

Lastly, as a medical herb, basil serves a number of purposes. For example, let's say that you woke up with an upset stomach or you simply feel queasy. Whatever the case may be, you can make a cup of tea with some basil leaves infused. What this combination does, believe it or not, is soothe your stomach so that you don't feel as sickly. It's a great method that doesn't require much effort to carry out.

Have you been thinking about growing basil in your yard? If so, you'll be happy to know that the time and effort spent doing so won't be in vain. As a matter of fact, these are just a few of the uses that this plant has to offer. Whether you're a food enthusiast or someone that's simply concerned about their own health, basil will be able to provide what you're looking for. It's a simple matter of dedicating yard space to your basil's growth.

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