Learn About Cosmetic Dentist In West Los Angeles

By Ralph Wilson

A cosmetic dentist works in the field of cosmetic dentistry which is basically dental work meant to enhance the appearance of teeth, gums and bite. It is normally focused on dental aesthetics in size structure, shape, color, position and generally the appearance of the smile. A number of dentists tend to use this term in self-reference regardless of their specialty which has been termed unethical as it is just a ploy to attract patients. In as much as it is not approved formally, cosmetic dentist in West Los Angeles is popular.

This specialty does not comprise of the two major dental specialties that are based on dental aesthetics instead it entails orthodontics and periodontics. Cosmetic dentistry also entails a number of procedures depending on what the patient wants. These are one; the addition of dental materials like porcelain veneers or laminates, gum grafts among others to the gums. There is also the total removal of either the gums or tooth structure through a process known as enameloplasty or gingivectomy.

There is another procedure that is not all about altering the dental material or structure of the teeth, but rather the appearance in terms of color. This is teeth whitening also known as bleaching or gum depigmentation or laser whitening. Orthodontics is another procedure which is just the improvement of facial appearance through teeth straightening.

Tooth bleaching which is also known as whitening is the most sought after decorative dental procedure. There are very many bleaching products that can be acquired over the counter but it is recommendable to undergo the process with a professional's supervision. The entire laser whitening process involves applying of a bleaching chemical on the gums which are usually covered in a rubber material. A beam of argon laser used to accelerate the process is then directed towards the teeth to activate the chemical.

Tooth reshaping, on the other hand, involves removal of parts of the enamel to enhance the appearance of the tooth. It may be applied to distort the length, shape, position of a tooth or correct a small chip. The process where the enamel is removed is known as enameloplasty, recontouring, slenderizing or contouring and is a faster procedure which can be used instead of braces.

The other process termed as bonding entails the initial application of enamel-like dental compound material to the tooth surface before being shaped, hardened and finally being polished. Dental bridges, on the other hand, may be applied to replace any missing tooth by being cemented to the gums. Bridges, in most instances, are preferred and will last around ten years.

Inlays and onlays tend to repair decayed and crooked teeth. They are applicable in instances where a filling might be too small to correct a decayed teeth or a crown too excessive. And then there is bite reclamation which is usually for patients whose teeth are worn out due to a lot of grinding hence their face appears shorter. The dentist is able to adjust the vertical dimension.

A cosmetic dentist who is approved by the is expected to undergo at least 2-3 years of further education after graduating from dental school. These professionals then become certified after their further education.

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