Heating And Air Conditioning Service On Time For Freezing Weather

By James Morris

Heating and air are two things that people need. These are two standard components of most homes in this country, and each operates off of a different system. While each system is different, they are generally tied together. This allows both systems to operate off of the same thermostat. Some homes have one thermostat that controls these systems, while other homes have zones. These zones each have separate thermostats and this allows a homeowner to control the temperatures better in a home. When it comes to heating and air conditioning service, you need a certified professional.

In the event any repair work needs to be done; you can work out a yearly maintenance contract at a very reasonable price. Maintenance contracts typically gives the customer a discount on all repairs; as well as, 2 visits per year to make certain your system is running at optimum efficiency.

The biggest questions when dealing with a leaking air conditioner are "What kind of fluid is leaking?" and "Where is the leak coming from?" The different variables at play--for instance, you might see water or refrigerant leakage--can indicate different types of air conditioner problems.

The steps to be followed on any service are pretty standard. First, the technician cleans the coils and checks the refrigerant pressure. The standard checks involve looking at all moving parts and lubricating them. Normally the system should not need to be filled up. With correct sealant it should never lose pressure, however, refrigerant fills up are still common.

When the outside unit isn't functioning, prepare for a major air conditioner repair. The system may not be getting enough power. It can be a simple connection problem within the unit. At best, your thermostat isn't working properly. The thermostat may simply need a new battery, or it may need to be replaced entirely.

They often look for common problems when they begin investigating a system. There are many things that commonly go wrong with these systems. The problem will most likely be one of these things, but if it is not, they will continue investigating. They will look until they find the source of the problem, at which that time they will fix it.

However regular maintenance and service need not take up all your time. Depending on the part of the country you live in, AC units need to be checked anywhere between everyone and five years. If you did have a problem with cooling maintenance you may eventually need to replace an air conditioner.

Finally, ensure that the coolant level and piping system of your air conditioner is checked at least once every year or before any repair is made to other components. If the coolant level is low, the pipes must also be checked for leakage before more coolant is put in; else, you will have to spend more money to get more coolant after the leakage is fixed. Just think about it using this mindset; pay a little now to get the technicians to service your unit rather than paying so much more every summer to keep the unit running.

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