Steps Of Effectively Court Serving Papers AZ

By David Wilson

When any case is presented before the court, you are required to present a petition file before the court. The person who is an accused needs to be thoroughly informed before the case can proceed and they are usually on the opposing side. When the accused person or company is given information concerning the case, it is referred to as serving the papers. This article guides on the steps you can take in effectively Court serving papers AZ.

The party responsible for starting the case is not allowed to serve the paper. They must therefore engage a third party to assist. The individual must be of age and impartial as to what the case is about. A friend or a relative can do this on your behalf but the courts must approve of them first. If you are willing to make payment for this to be done, you could ask a professional where most are listed under the process servers in a directory.

You should know the people you are serving. In case you are serving an individual, you should concentrate on that one individual. If it is a group of individuals ensure you serve each of them well. For example, when it is a business partnership, both parties should be served individually.

It is vital to consider the deadlines made by the courts. The normal duration is eight days before the courts appearance but some states have different dates. You should find out from the courts about the scheduled time lines. You can serve the courts paper any day except on a Sunday.

You will need to locate the respondent. The courts gives plenty of time from the petition date to the courts date to do this. In the event that you are not able to locate the individual, ensure that you give the judge a detailed list of number of ways that you have attempted to do it in detail including the dates and places you went to. In proving that you have done all you could, the judge could set another date and give you a chance to do it in a different way for instance via mail.

When serving an individual ensure that you have all the documents that may be required. These documents are provided by the courts. They include a copy of the filed petition and documents informing them of the courts dates. In case a temporary order is given, you should serve the respondent with it. The form for proof of services is not presented with other documents.

The final step of serving the respondent is to fill the proof of service form to indicate that you have completed your duty. The form should be presented to the courts before the courts dates. It will have entails such as the location and date of service, the names and the address of the person who is given the paper. The original copy should be filled and given to the courts five days prior the courts dates.

In carefully following the above outlined steps, you are assured of correctly serving the respondent with the courts paper in an official and legal way.

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