Tips For Making 2nd Grade Close Reading Activities Successful

By Barbara Olson

Children might find it hard to read materials especially if the method used is not appropriate to them. It is very crucial that you understand what will suit your kid and how to make him or her great reader. When you take the initiative, you will be amazed that they can read multiple lines without much struggle. Here, you will find great guidelines to be used in 2nd grade close reading activities

If you have children in the second grade, you should know that they have a low concentration. That is why you should not give them material that has a lot of content because they will drift away after a short time. The passages you give them should be short but also contain something with meaning that makes sense to them.

The next activity you should do is to take your focus intense. You need to pick up a skill or a literal element, for instance, the effect, cause or the figurative language you plan to put your focus on and make sure the text has a significant adequate amount of this skill or element into it.

If there are certain skills or elements that are being emphasized on in the passage, they will help catch the students attention. With time they will be able to understand the whole point of the passage before even reaching the end. The skills or elements should, therefore, be spread out all through the text so that they can focus throughout the entire text.

These students should also mark some text as they continue to read. The markup is done to help them understand the words and also ask questions concerning the marked words. This should be done every other time they have a chance to read.

Another important thing to do with the students is to encourage them to have exploratory discussions between the reads. Here is where the students talk about what they have learned, the things that they have marked up, and the skill or lateral element. Doing this enables them to share their strategies work and deal with close readings.

As a teacher, you need to encourage the students to reread the text. When they do this, they need to make sure that they have a different focus. That way, you will be making it easy for them to look at every angle of the readings. As this skill grows, they will be able to interpret a text within no time since they will be able to look at different angles the first time that they read.

When introducing this, this is very crucial to keep in mind that this age group will need patience and assistance every other time. Take your time to make them understand the importance of this approach, and it will make them embrace it. This kind of activity will require that you first understand it before introducing it to the children. Remember the approach you take will determine if they are going to learn or not. It is your job to make sure they are on the right path of understanding this great activity.

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