Techniques To Adopt During Suicide Prevention For Veterans

By Ryan Parker

Although, suicide is a dangerous public health problem, it is preventable. It has lasting bad effects on families, individuals and communities. Its prevention is very simple. In the course of process, factors, which increase risk, are reduced and those that promote coping are increased. Suicide prevention for veterans is a simple if appropriate procedures are followed. Involving families, communities and individuals should be done at various levels.

For any preventive measure to be effective, it should be done in an appropriate manner. If you follow the wrong procedure, chances of you getting into your dreams are very minimal. Every individual within the society should be notified on the dangers associated with suicide. This is a good way of limiting the frequency of such incidences. Training people to withstand changes in the society even if they do not seem to favor them is important.

People perform this devilish activity after finding themselves in discomfort and great pain. They do it after realizing that there is no any other way of solving the challenges other than killing themselves. Feelings of self loathing, isolation and hopelessness tend to prevent culprits from realizing other good ways of solving the situations. There are so many misconceptions regarding the suicide. Some of them are outlined below.

There is a belief that individuals who threaten to commit suicide are not likely to do it. This is wrong myth and it should be done away with within the shortest time possible. The fact is that most of individuals who decide to commit the act, must give a warning or a clue. In case some around you have threatened to commit this act do not ignore them. Take appropriate measures in order to help them.

Some people know that only crazy people can do away with their lives. This is not true because the statistics reveal that most culprits are neither psychotic nor insane. However, most of them tend to be grief-stricken, upset, distressed and depressed. Most commit the act owing to extreme emotional pain in them.

It is wrong to think that one cannot prevent suicidal individual from accomplishing his or her ambitions. It is very easy and possible. If these individuals are provided with the assistance such as pieces of advice and guidance they need during this period, they can change their mind for the betterment.

Statistics show that suicidal individuals issue warnings before engaging in the activity. They usually reveal their intentions to individuals around them. In case you realize that your loved one intends to kill him or herself, consider responding to the issues raised in the best way possible. Let the suicidal individual know other available alternatives he or she should take. Show that you really care about his or her well being.

Never neglect a suicidal individual. Offer the support and help he or she needs. Give him or her, an empathetic and a listening year. Take the responsibility of letting him or her know that taking away his or her life is not the best option. If you feel that you are not able to offer all the needed effort, seek assistance from: a friend, clergyman, family member or a counselor.

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