Effects Of Concrete Replacement Tulsa OK

By Paul Rogers

Building and construction back dates to the first stages of civilization. Human beings have evolved and learned to apply different materials and skills to construct different structures. Over the years, concrete replacement Tulsa OK has been used to build a variety of infrastructure more than any other material. Economists encourage the use of the material while environmentalists discourage it for various reasons. Their points of view are depicted below.

Concrete is a flexible material that can be molded into different shapes to dry and form a permanent structure. There are few materials with such qualities and have the hardness that matches that of this material. In this case, it outweighs most alternatives that one would think of in the market.

Elements that form this material are easily obtained in various places. With the raw materials accessible to the people, they prefer to use this material. Sand and ballast are the most readily available elements while sand may be a bit scarce. However, the combination can be obtained easily more than any other building material.

One factor that overshadows other materials is the durability. Structures built from this material in Tulsa OK can last longer than those made up of substitutes. Most people go for this product since they plan to make something that will serve them in the long run. It is also easy to renovate a worn out concrete building and restore its original beauty.

However, this material has adverse consequences to the environment. The substitutes of the materials are sand, and cement. During their extraction from the ground, a lot of dust is released into the air lowering the quality. More so, cement companies release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere contributing to global warming. Residents will continue to suffer these consequences as far as these industries will remain in place.

On the same side of the coin, transportation of the materials involves the use of heavy trucks. These meander through the streets of Tulsa OK emitting burnt gases through their exhaust pipes. This too contributes to a number of harmful oxides that lead to the greenhouse effect. The trucks destroy the infrastructure raising the cost of maintenance by the government.

In as much as there is a need to come up with alternative building materials, the substitutes are not enough to meet the demand in the market. More so, many options are expensive to apply as compared to the use of concrete. This will render it more preferable by many proprietors existing or joining the industry. People usually choose the product that is more affordable and easy to apply.

Therefore, the recommendation that should be put in place is the revision of all the laws guiding the industries regarding emissions. The gases produces by various companies should be monitored to ensure that environmental pollution is minimized as much as possible. Therefore, one can conclude that there is not enough technology to replace concrete use in the world but side effects of the same should be scrutinized and amended accordingly.

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