Dirab Golf & Country Club dominates Oasis Cup first leg

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RIYADH: More often than not the host team got to keep the cup in the Ryder Cup Cup style home and away matches between Dirab Golf & Country Club and Rolling Hills Golf Club.
Hosting the visitors from Dhahran for the 2016 edition of Oasis Cup at the weekend, Dirab Golf & Country Club dominated the two-day first leg event to score a lopsided 22.5 to 10.5 points victory.
The hosts set the tone of the matches by losing just two of the 11 two ball better ball event on the first day Friday. There was more of the same Saturday with Dirab winning 13 singles matches and halving one and Rolling Hills taking eight and drawing one. Second day score line was 13.5-8.5 to Dirab.
The elite single digit handicap players of Dirab didn’t disappoint — Filipino ace Resty Sibug taking down Saudi national team standout Fahad Almansour, Graham Gunn beating Nathan Kraynyk and Saudi national player Turki Al-Hussain winning over Gary Lorentz.
It could have been a sweep of the top matches by the hosts had Rolling Hills’ Rodney Kraynyk not hurdled his match against Omar Hariri.
The trophy ceremony took place after the matches Friday.
Day 2 results (Dirab names first):
Resty Sibug 1 Fahad Almansour 0, Omar Hariri 0 Rodney Kraynyk 1, Graham Gunn 1 Nathan Kraynyk 0, Turki Al-Hussain 1 Gary Lorentz 0, Ichiro Ichihara 0 John Paul Scallon 1, Tariq Sardar 1 Syed Rahman 0, Bander Alghubain 0 Stephen Vezendy 1, Chris Maslak 1 Mohammad Itani 0, Khalid Al Qunabit 0 Minhaj Khan (team captain) 1, Abdullah Masoud 0 Yousef Noaman 1, Ralf Schiffer 0 Abdulaziz Al-Khayyal 1, Nadeem Mirza 1 Bruce Waldner 0, Tariq S. Khan 0.5 Thair Bukhari 0.5, Tariq Javed (team captain) 1 Les Flintham 0, Edward O’Reilly 1 Andrew Johnson 0, Qasir Hussain 0 Patrick Anthony 1, Mark Trzepacz 1 Ahmed Daham 0, Abdulaziz Al-Helaisi 1 Abdullatif Al-Omair 0, Abbi Oluyadi 1 Douglas Michael Thompson 0, Pascal Cedy 0 Steve Farley 1, Martina O’Reilly 1 Steve Farley 1, Martina O Reilly 1 Flora Flintham 0, Monika Schiffer 1 Tamara Tahir 0

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